The Credits  are a Dutch Rock & Roll band that started in 2008. 
The drummer and  bassplayer are from Amsterdam, the guitarist is from Wormer and the singer is from Haarlem. The Credits play their own songs in a unscrupulous fashion.

Jeroen Hennis - Drums (Indirekt, Antic Hay)
David Blitz - Bassguitar, background vocaals (Stagger3, Teenage Tits)
Chris Palmen - Vocals
Robin van Soelen - Guitar

The Credits started as a commercial project during the credit crunch with borrowed money from a stockbroker. The band had to go on tour to pay off the managements debts. This rather  false start was the inspiration for the song Bloodsuckers.
An attempt to make the accounts disappear in the Florida swamps resulted in a wild alligator chase and material for their first video.

The �Hold-up� or emergency relief plan to cover the financial loss inspired them for the song Stick-up , when the get-away scooter wouldn't start and a manhunt for folk singer Chris.P was conducted.

The second video No Pictures was recorded in their practice studio. The studio is located in an underground dressing room of a swimming pool for acoustical and drainage purposes.

Other songs on the newly released demo are Credits �give me headaches�, and Paranoia, a song that speaks so much to ones imagination that up until recently we haven't found a wicked enough location to shoot the video.
However, Ognyan Tsankov from Kroumovgrad in Bulgaria just send us a tip. Ognyan knows a deserted hospital in the nearby town of  Kurdzhali that was used until 1990 by the KGB for testing anti-psychotics on political prisoners. We'll be on our way to Bulgaria as soon as our management has sorted out the finances for the trip.


- Bekijk onze nieuwe videoclip:
              "No Pictures".
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